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Engine Operation Detection
, 1999, EP 0830662 B1, US5705999
This invention relates to a method and apparatus for determining if a vehicle with an operating engine is at a particular location.

Method and Apparatus for Automated Refuelling, 1999, EP 0830306 B1, US5628351
This invention relates to a method for automated refuelling of vehicles

Method for Determining Empty Volume of Fuel Tank, 2000, US6062066
A method for determining, prior to initiating filling of a fuel tank, the volume of the fuel tank that does not contain liquid.

Fuel Dispenser Shutoff Switch, 1997, US5613535
A method to prevent overfilling a fuel tank during filling of the fuel tank while filling the tank with fuel.

Fuel Dispenser, 1997,US5655577
A method to refill a fuel tank using a refuelling system having a vapor recovery system.

Body Coupled Antenna System and Personal Locator Unit Utilizing Same, 2013, US8350695
Method of improving antenna performance through body coupled antenna.

Ion Mobility Detector, 1992, US5109157
An ion mobility detector operable at atmospheric pressure comprising a tube